15 reasons to visit Reunion

After spending over twenty years on the island, I venture to develop a list of reasons that might convince you to come and stay in Reunion. Because the arguments abound.

come and stay in Reunion

Direct flights and a slight time difference with Europe (GMT +4)

Reunion is served by direct flights of less than 11h from Paris and most major provincial cities (Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse). Little or no time difference with the city and most European countries (local time is now…). So no tiredness due to jetlag if you are traveling from the mainland FRance and its neighboring countries.

A warm climate throughout the year and the tropical sun in winter

Reunion is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed compared to Europe. When it is cold and gray in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere, Reunion is sunny and warm, even hot. The climate shift is particularly striking when, in less than 11h, we move from winter temperatures and the gray Parisian moist to heat and colorful tropical landscapes. For more information, please visit the Questions/Answers on the local weather (rainfall, cyclones, wind, …).

Tasty Creole cuisine

Gourmets (and others too) are sure to feast with the traditional cuisine of Reunion. Influenced by Chinese cuisine, Indian and Malagasy, Creole cuisine does have its own identity, to discover. Everywhere on the island, one can eat in or takeaway with. Many restaurants offer a buffet menu (sometimes in an idyllic setting) that allows a glimpse of local dishes. Note that Reunion has many picnic areas in the countryside, especially in the highlands of the island. So we can restore outdoors with the added bonus with a spectacular panorama.

Reunion is located only 240 km from Mauritius (less than an hour’s flight)

After the spectacular scenery of Reunion Island, why not the beaches and blue lagoon of Mauritius ? Daily airline services and regular contact with the sister island are provided by three airlines: Air France, Air Austral and Air Mauritius flights from St Denis (Roland Garros Airport) but also of St Pierre (Pierrefonds in the South). The flight only lasts a little over half an hour. Mauritius is famous for its beaches and luxury hotels with quality service.

42% of the area of ​​the island is a protected national park

Covering over 1,000 square kilometers, the Reunion National Park covers virtually the entire center of the island: the Circus, the « Massif de la Fournaise » and the High Plains. Established in 2007, the park protects and enhances the exceptional biodiversity of the island and guarantees a dynamic development in the Planning island.

Reunion is classified Natural World Heritage by UNESCO

Since 2010, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed Reunion on the list of natural assets. It is precisely all the perimeter protected by the National Park which is distinguished by the UN organization for its outstanding universal value (Press release).

Piton des Neiges culminates at 3070 meters

Reunion is a very mountainous island and despite its relatively small area (2500km ²), the island has a peak over 3000 meters above sea level. If hikers can easily be trained to tackle the ascent of Piton, it is not necessary to be a good walker for easy access to sites with more than 2300 meters: Pas de Bellecombe, Piton Maïdo, the Plaine des Remparts, the Plaine des Sables.. are easily accessible by passenger car by logging roads.

Extreme sports in nature

If you’re looking for thrills: canyoning, rafting, hiking aquatic whitewater, paragliding, ultralights, climbing … and others are offered by many providers trained in very safe conditions. The island offers a natural setting for the practice of these activities.

Discover La Fournaise, an active volcano

The massif of Piton de la Fournaise is characterized by an extreme variety of landscapes due to altitude and rugged terrain. With any luck, you’ll even get the privilege of attending an eruption. Otherwise, you can discover traces of this impressive and recent volcanic activity.

Explore very recently solidified lava flows

The coastal Southeast is punctuated by numerous lava flows. Sometimes re-colonized by vegetation, or still intact and just recently solidified their exploration gives you a unique and unusual.

Discover the wild coast of South-east by the coastal path

An almost uninterrupted coastal path between St Philip and St Rose allows the exploration of the rugged coastline, lush and unspoiled south-east of the island. Clumps of pandanus, basalt cliffs, lush tropical vegetation and a deep blue Indian Ocean are the essential ingredients of this exploration of the island at the foot of the Massif de la Fournaise.

Subtropical forests and cloud forests, tropical flora rich and varied

While walking in the primary forests of the High, or on the coast or the Botanical Conservatory Mascarins, discover a tropical flora rich, varied and sometimes unique. Logging roads provide easy access to exceptional forest area of the island forests Bebour, Belouve, the Maïdo, Mourouvin,…

The three circuses: the spectacular canyons inhabited the relief

Cilaos, Salazie and Mafate, three canyons, are inhabited in the center of the island around the Piton des Neiges. The first two, Cilaos in the Southwest and Salazie in the east are accessible by car through highways or county very twisty : spectacle guaranteed. As for Mafate inaccessible to land vehicles, it is crossed by a vast network of hiking trails well marked.

Of white sand beaches, or black, lagoons and reefs

If the beaches of Mauritius neighbor are more numerous and spectacular, those of La Reunion offer the possibility of a swimming beneficial after enjoying the many unique opportunities for discovery in the interior of the island. For it must be said that the meeting is primarily a destination « discovery and nature. » The seaside resorts of St Giles, St Leu, Etang-Sale les Bains and St Pierre do not compete with the lure of the Massif de la Fournaise, the Pitons National Park and Ramparts of the center of the island. Fishing Basically, diving, boat trips to the whales, dolphins, introduction to surfing, kite surfing, … and many other marine activities are proposed.

Reunion is a part of France and also Europe

Single-county region (number 974) of France, Reunion is also outer region of the European Union as the Azores, the Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Madeira. Consequences:

  • currency is the Euro and European standards apply here as elsewhere in the territory of the Union.
  • simplified formalities for EU nationals.
  • European standards apply here as elsewhere in the territory of the Union, allowing for example to nationals to live and work in Reunion.

And many other good reasons to explore the island …

Obviously, there are well over 15 good reasons to come to Reunion. We could cite the architectural heritage well preserved, villas and Creole in particular , through the action of the Departmental Service of Architecture and Patrimoins (SDAP). Or safety: no malaria or yellow fever,…

If you still hesitate to discover Reunion despite this argument, you can always consider other destinations such as Seychelles, Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia or simply the beautiful regions of France !

15 reasons to visit Reunion

After spending over twenty years on the island, I venture to develop a list of reasons that might convince you to come and stay...

Reunion Island trails are often well marked

It is well known with its beautiful scenery, Reunion is a paradise for hikers.

Le Floralys 3-Star Hotel

In the seaside village of Etang Salé Les Bains, the hotel 3-Star Floralys covers a park of 3 hectares.