Salazie canyon

Salazie canyon, the greenest of the three cirques of Reunion, is inhabited. From St André on the East Coast, county Route 48 winds through the lush valley of the « Du Mât » River. Arriving at the main village, the visitor has the choice between taking the direction of Hell Bourg, or the Grand Islet, two villages in the heart of Salazie and the National Park. Here, chayotes and bananas are everywhere, nature or prepared to eat in restaurants and cafes in the square. In this mosaic of photos, we will recognize jumble the pond, cascades of Bridal Veil, the Creole houses, restaurants and boutique hotels of Hell Bourg.

Cirque de Salazie

Helicopter tour

Reunion seen by helicopter : sx minutes with some stunning passages of great beauty.

Restaurant at La Fournaise volcano

A restaurant with great location and beautiful view.

15 reasons to visit Reunion

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