Natural Pond

In Saint-Benoit, the Rivière des Marsouins runs abundantly all the year round. This area has a humid tropical climate with the most heavy rainfall on the island. As we can see on these pictures, the heat and the muginess of the air are favourable to the development of a luxuriant vegetation. Walking back up along this river allows to have a view of a few heavenly ponds favourable to swimming. They are perfect for freshening one’s up in the middle of nowhere during the hot days of the austral summer. The spring tides are particularly clear after a few days of heavy rains.

Natural pond

The limpid water of the Eastern rivers

The water of Reunion Island’s eastern rivers is often limpid, particularly after a few days of heavy rains.

Wooden Creole House

The beautiful Wooden Creole House "Le Domaine des Tourelles" was completely renovated in 1993.

Restaurant serving traditional Creole cuisine

This restaurant is serving traditional Creole cuisine using local produce in a nice bay.