Interactive Map

This aerial view of the island clearly shows the three canyons in the northern half and the volcano in the southeast. These two parts are separated by high-altitude plains. In the middle of three canyons, the highest point of the island at 3071 meters. You can zoom out to locate the island in the Indian Ocean.

Reunion island Google Map

Jardins d’Heva boutique hotel in Salazie

In this beautiful mountainous region of Salazie, "Les Jardins d'Heva" is a charming boutique hotel with 10 rooms.

Coastal path – Landscapes of the wild south

Cape Mascarin Coastal Path offers distinctive landscapes of the wild south.

Mosses in the undergrowth of the high forest

In the undergrowth of the high forest, the ground is often covered with a thick layer of vegetation consisting of various mosses.