Le Floralys 3-Star Hotel

In the seaside village of Etang Salé Les Bains, the hotel 3-Star Floralys covers a park of 3 hectares. It has no direct access to the beach but is however only a few minutes walk of bathing sites. The common part of the hotel, which includes restaurant, bar and terraces, is organized around the pool and offers a pleasant setting. The rooms are in bungalows of hexagonal shape. One may regret the smallness and lack of privacy of outdoor terraces. One of bungalows houses a mini club with games (table tennis …). Here are some photos of scenes from this hotel:

Le Floralys 3-Star Hotel in Reunion Island

Reunion Island trails are often well marked

It is well known with its beautiful scenery, Reunion is a paradise for hikers.

What time is it ? Local current time and day length

Local time Current time in St-Denis Reunion is GMT/UTC +04:00. A graph shows rising and setting times for the Sun during the year.

Restaurant at La Fournaise volcano

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