Jardins d’Heva boutique hotel in Salazie

In the Cirque de Salazie, the village of Hell Bourg was distinguished by the label of the most beautiful villages in France. In this beautiful mountainous region, Les Jardins d’Heva is a charming boutique hotel with 10 rooms. The 2-star hotel welcomes guests in a tranquil setting, just outside the village. Sauna / steam room and spa is available to customers. A session of 45 minutes Spa treatment including sauna or steam bath followed by a hot tub is available to residents. The restaurant offers a buffet breakfast and Creole cuisine for lunch and dinner. The architectural style of the whole is in keeping with the rustic atmosphere of the place.

Jardins d'Heva boutique hotel in Salazie

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What time is it ? Local current time and day length

Local time Current time in St-Denis Reunion is GMT/UTC +04:00. A graph shows rising and setting times for the Sun during the year.

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