Helicopter tour

Here is an awesome video made ​​by René Lefèbvre: Reunion seen by helicopter. Six minutes with some stunning passages of great beauty, not to be missed. A nice preview images of mountains, waterfalls and lush valleys of the National Park, listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Retired director, René Lefebvre spent 25 years in educational television in Africa, Ivory Coast.

Salazie canyon

Salazie canyon, the greenest of the three cirques of Reunion, is inhabited.

Restaurant serving traditional Creole cuisine

This restaurant is serving traditional Creole cuisine using local produce in a nice bay.

Jardins d’Heva boutique hotel in Salazie

In this beautiful mountainous region of Salazie, "Les Jardins d'Heva" is a charming boutique hotel with 10 rooms.