Primary forests and hiking trails

Much of the island is covered with primary forests. The tropical climate, abundant rainfall, the rugged terrain, altitude are factors that generate various types of forests. The discovery of this unique and diverse forest heritage is facilitated by hiking trails, marked and maintained by the National Forest Service.

Reunion Island forest

Le Floralys 3-Star Hotel

In the seaside village of Etang Salé Les Bains, the hotel 3-Star Floralys covers a park of 3 hectares.

What time is it ? Local current time and day length

Local time Current time in St-Denis Reunion is GMT/UTC +04:00. A graph shows rising and setting times for the Sun during the year.

Mosses in the undergrowth of the high forest

In the undergrowth of the high forest, the ground is often covered with a thick layer of vegetation consisting of various mosses.