What time is it ? Local current time and day length

Local time

Current time in St-Denis Reunion is GMT/UTC +04:00

When it is noon in Reunion Island, the time in Los Angeles is 01:00, in New York is 04:00, in London 9:00, in Hong Kong 16:00, in Sydney 18:00 and Auckland NZ 20:00.

Times of sunrise and sunset

This graph shows rising and setting times for the Sun (yellow and red) during the year.
Day length is in blue.

times of sunrise and sunset in Reunion


Wooden Creole House

The beautiful Wooden Creole House "Le Domaine des Tourelles" was completely renovated in 1993.

Natural Pond

Walking along the Marsouins River allows to have a view of a few heavenly ponds favourable to swimming.

Reunion Island trails are often well marked

It is well known with its beautiful scenery, Reunion is a paradise for hikers.