A tropical island with spectacular scenery

French Overseas Department of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is a mountainous island situated under 21 degrees South latitude, that is at 700 kilometers East of Madagascar. Subjected to a humid tropical climate, this island of contrasts with various countrysides is a unique destination for hikers and disciples of outdoor activities. With three inhabited Grand Canyons, an active volcano and primeval forests which make the major assets of this island of exception, we understand why its National Park won UNESCO’s World Heritage status.

Reunion Island

Jardins d’Heva boutique hotel in Salazie

In this beautiful mountainous region of Salazie, "Les Jardins d'Heva" is a charming boutique hotel with 10 rooms.

Picnic area in the Cirque de Cilaos

The little path linking the secluded village of Ilet a Corde to the spa town of Cilaos is punctuated with picnic areas.

Mosses in the undergrowth of the high forest

In the undergrowth of the high forest, the ground is often covered with a thick layer of vegetation consisting of various mosses.